Bulk SMS Pricing

Marketing SMS (DND Route, Works 9.00 am to 9.00 pm only, Dynamic Sender ID: LM-123456)

Sl. No. Package Name SMS Credits Amount (INR) Validity Per SMS Cost Payment Methods
1Starter-MS1000350Unlimited35 PaiseClick here
2Standard-MS50001500Unlimited30 PaiseClick here
3Bronze-MS100002500Unlimited25 PaiseClick here
4Silver-MS5000010000Unlimited20 PaiseClick here
5Gold-MS10000018000Unlimited18 PaiseClick here
6Diamond-MS50000080000Unlimited16 PaiseClick here
7Platinum-MS1000000150000Unlimited15 PaiseClick here

Delivery Timings: within 5-30 minutes, in peak hours / heavy traffic it will take upto 2 hours

Transactional SMS (Open DND Route, Works 24 Hours, 6 Character Sender ID: LM-UBRAND)

Sl. No. Package Name SMS Credits Amount (INR) Validity Per SMS Cost Payment Methods
1Bronze-TS100003000Unlimited30 PaiseClick here
2Silver-TS5000010000Unlimited20 PaiseClick here
3Gold-TS10000018000Unlimited18 PaiseClick here
4Diamond-TS50000080000Unlimited16 PaiseClick here
5Platinum-TS1000000150000Unlimited15 PaiseClick here

Delivery Timings: within 5-10 seconds

Transactional SMS activation applicable for Registered Companies, Ecom Websites, Organizations & Societies having legal entity. For more information contact our support team.

Price Including all, supports all Mobile Networks in India!

SMS Count: *Note that every 160 characters of SMS constitutes 1 SMS Unit. If the number of characters in your message exceeds the 160 limit (e.g.170 characters), it will be counted as 2 SMS Units. To send 1 SMS Unit you need 1 Credit. No set-up fees. 1 Credit = 1 Message; to any destination in India, including Interconnect fees.